About Us

GDFNow.org could actually stands for “Good Deed Feed Now”. It is a not-for profit social networking portal that aims to connect the positive acts (Deeds) being performed by the Individuals, and build a culture where these Deeds get rewarded, so that doing these deeds become the mass movement and motivate more and more people to become Deeders and contribute to make this whole world a better place to live in - for all of us - the humans and our ecology i.e the Environment.

This Portal, in the first phase is in limited edition only - available in India, United Kingdom and United States of America.

The Business Idea is to facilitate a change in the world where the Organisations (Businesses, Governments and Non Government Organisations (NGOs) can easily recognise and reward the achievers in full visibility on social media. This strategy will not only encourage good deeds in the society but could also become a marketing tool in the future ahead.

Following are the examples (bit on the extreme though):

  • Felix Baumgartner - An Australian skydiver who jumped from the edge of the space on to the earth in year 2012. Felix deserves several reward for this daredevil act. This is an example of a deed of “Global level”, considering the whole world watched him jumping from the space in gape and getting inspired at the same time, the extent to which the humans are capable of showing their tenacity.

  • On the other extreme, is our lovely friend in London, Shammi Perseis, who bakes cakes for all her close friends on their birthdays and as a matter of fact not only for the friends, but also for their family members, including the children. Shammi deserves applause and offers from the local superstore(s) from where she buys all the ingredients. This is the other extreme example of caring in a local circle of friends. Similarly, on can find numerous such examples in a locality or a community, where one lives.

GDFNow.org shall aim to go ahead with the following strategy:

  • Recognize and capture all Deeds that are being carried out in our societies - local to global. These deeds will then be monetized by the Organisations (Businesses, Governments and NGOs) as rewards to their Deeders.

  • Depending upon the impact of Deed, the Deeder would be rewarded accordingly. E.g. a local hero will get rewarded locally and a global hero could get rewarded - well globally.

  • The rewarding organisational Entity gets free publicity of its products/services, that will attract more Deeds and Deeders.

  • Together the Deeders and the Organisations will change the world for good - for ever!